Safety checks

Gas Safety checks

BoilerEvery year we are required by law to carry out gas safety checks to ensure our appliances are safe and working properly. 

When an engineer does a gas safety check they’ll record the checks they carry out on a form. This is calledGas SafeLandlord Gas Safety Record, and it should list all of the appliances and fittings the engineer checked. We will provide you with your own copy of this record, either at the time of the check or within 28 days of the check being completed.

The gas safety check can be carried out any time from 10-12 months after the last completed check, without affecting the original expected expiry date.  This may mean that your new anniversary date is not exactly 12 months from the date of your recent check.

If it’s less than 10 months or more than 12 months after the last check, there will be a new deadline date in exactly 12 months.

Electrical Safety Checks

Every five years we are required by law to carry out electrical safety checks on our installations to ensure all electrics are safe and working properly. We will contact you at the appropriate time to make an appointment. This does not apply to your personal electrical goods.