Repairs and improvements

Tools in house shape

We want you to be happy in your home, and that includes ensuring that repairs are done quickly and to a high standard.  We can only do this if you tell us if there is a repair needed in your home.

Some repairs are our responsibility and some are yours. We will ensure repairs that are our responsibility are done well and in a timely manner according to our service standards. 

When you contact us, please tell us:

  • Your name, address and daytime telephone number.
  • The times when someone is usually at home, so an appointment can be made to carry out the repair.
  • As much information about the repair as possible.

We have our own in-house maintenance team for general maintenance.  This means we can develop links to communities and provide a more efficient service.  We use and work in harmony with local and more specialist contractors who have local knowledge and long-term experience of working in our properties with our customers.

If we need to use a contractor, we will send details of:

  • The repair you have reported.
  • The contractor who will carry out the repair.
  • The date by which the contractor must complete the repair.

When you call, we will  arrange with you and the contractor a convenient time for the work to be done.  Otherwise, the contractor will arrange an appointment directly with you. If the repair is complex we may need to inspect it first  to assess what needs to be done.  It is important that you ensure an adult is home to let in the contractor and while the work is being done. 

All of our staff and contractors are required to carry photo identification, and to show it before they enter your home. If you have any doubts about any callers, do not let them into your home. If they are genuine they will not mind waiting outside whilst you check with us. If you are expecting a contractor to call please be available. Our staff and contractors will not work in homes where only children are present.

We need to ensure a safe working environment for our employees and contractors. Please could you remove any pets from the area where the work is taking place and if you smoke, please don't do so while the contractor is in your home. 

Please tell us if you are not going to be able to keep an appointment. Missed appointments waste our time, our contractors time and your money!