As your landlord we are responsible for some of the repairs and maintenance to your home; however some of these responsibilities are yours as the tenant. An overview of landlord and tenant repair responsibilities are below (always check your tenancy agreement for full details.)

Our Responsibilities

ToolboxWe are responsible for maintaining the structure of your home, and any fixtures and fittings. We will not repair any alterations you have made or items that you have fitted. If you are a leaseholder or shared-owner there may be different responsibilities.

 Our responsibilities are:

  • Drains, gutters and outdoor pipes.
  • Roofing, outside walls and chimneys.
  • Outside doors and windows.
  • Outside paint work.
  • Steps and paths to the front door and around the property to the back door.
  • Boundary walls.
  • Outside brick built sheds and stores that we have provided.
  • Inside walls, ceilings, floors, skirting boards, door frames and kitchen units.
  • Heating and hot water units.
  • Electric, gas and water services and fittings, including basins, sinks, baths, toilets, pipes and wiring.
  • For leaseholders - our responsibilities relate to communal areas only

If any of these items need repairing or replacing through your negligence or deliberate damage (including that of any members of your household or visitors to your home), we will recharge you for the cost of the work.

Your Responsibilities

You are responsible for maintaining and replacing the following  items:

•    All glazing

•    Light bulbs and starters (Including fluorescent tubes) 

•    Decoration including minor cracks in plaster (also any decoration needed as a result of a leak)

•    Maintenance of an item/alterations carried out by the tenant or inherited from previous tenant (mainly via mutual exchange)

•    Repairing damage caused by the previous tenant after a mutual exchange 

•    Unblocking sinks/toilets/gullies (unless there is a bigger issue with the sewers)

•    Keeping rainwater gullies clear (except in flats) 

•    Internal doors, including door handles, latches, hinges

•    All keys including lost keys or when keys are locked inside the property

•    Toilet seats

•    Tap washers

•    Waste plugs and chains on sinks and baths

•    Boundary fencing
     (tenants should be aware of the fencing contribution HHS makes of £5 per linear metre towards the cost of completed fencing works)

•    TV Aerials

•    Any repairs to tenants own appliances including pipe work to washing machines

•    Any damage caused by the yourself

If you are older or disabled and there is no-one else who can help you, we may be able to do some of these jobs for you, but we may recharge the cost of the works back to you.

When you arrange to carry out repairs in your home, remember to use properly qualified professionals.