Altering your home

You may carry out improvements to your home as long as you get our written permission before you start any work, and provide us with a plan of what you want to do, what materials/installations you will be using, who will do the work and how long it will take. We will not refuse permission unless we have good reason such as:

  • It will make your home unsafe.
  • It will cost us more to maintain.
  • The improvement will reduce the amount of living or bed spaces.
  • It will have a damaging affect on other homes around you or cause a nuisance to your neighbours.

You will be responsible for all the costs associated with this, including professional fees, materials and insurance. You will also have to obtain the appropriate planning consent and comply with building regulations, health and safety regulations and make good any poor workmanship.  You may be asked to return your home to its original condition if you move. 

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Right to Compensation for improvements

When you move you may be able to claim compensation for any major improvements you have made to your home, such as the installation of your own kitchen. The amount of compensation depends on:

  • Whether the improvement qualifies under the scheme.
  • How long ago you did the work.
  • How much it cost (a breakdown of costs is required with proof, so you will need to keep the original receipts and other evidence relating to the work).

You should contact us before you start the work, so we can advise you if your improvements will qualify.  You will not be compensated if you have not got prior written permission from us to carry out the improvement.

To enquire about alterations and improvements please contact us on