Moving out


Moving boxesMost people need to move home at some point in their lives. You may need somewhere larger because your family is growing, or somewhere smaller because your family has grown up and left home. You might also wish to purchase a home. 

If you wish to end your tenancy or lease let us know as soon as possible, you will need to do this in writing by completing our Notice of Termination Form.  The notice period will then start from the Monday it is received. If it is received later than a Monday then notice will begin from the following week. Tenants must legally give us four weeks notice in writing. You must also pay all the rent that is due. We will continue to charge you rent until we receive the keys.

We may inspect your home before you move out, and we do expect there to be some wear and tear.  If there is serious damage to the property or you have not maintained it well, we will charge you for the cost of the repairs or decorations.

Make sure you remove all your possessions when you leave as we may also recharge you the cost of removing and disposing of any items you leave behind.  Here is a checklist of other things you should do before you leave:


  • Arrange to have your meters read so you don't end of paying for gas and electricity used by the next occupier
  • Contact all services, such as telephone, water, fuel, TV licensing, insurance, banks, building society etc to tell them you are moving and give them your new contact details
  • Tell the Council where you are moving to so they can amend your council tax and housing benefit as appropriate
  • Update your contact details with anyone that pays you such as your employer, pension provider or benefits agency
  • Arrange for the Post Office to send your mail to your new address for a short period (they normally charge for this service)
  • Pack up all your belongings, remembering to check in the loft space and outside store areas as well
  • Arrange to repair anything that is your responsibility under your Tenancy Agreement or lease.