Living in your home

We hope that you are happy in your home. The advice below will help you to live happily and safely in your home.

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Tenancy Handbook

 Blue Book

For useful information about your tenancy, click the link below to view the Tenancy Handbook

Tenancy Handbook & Fire Safety 2023


Parking sign and parked carsPlease be responsible and considerate when parking cars, bikes and other vehicles at home. Make sure you are not blocking any access points and where possible park in designated car or bike parking areas.

You can repair your car from time to time, but this mustn't cause a nuisance or danger to others or be commercial activity. Please do not pour engine oils etc down drains or on the road.

Rubbish and recycling

Green binYou are responsible for putting your rubbish and recycling bins out for collection.  Check with your local council for the collections days, and what to put in each bin.  They can also provide you with details on where you can recycle other items such as clothing, textiles, books, oil, and other garden and household waste.

Please be considerate when disposing of your rubbish by using the right bins, particularly if you live in a flat where there are shared facilities.



Group of pets

You need our permission to keep a pet in your home.   We will generally allow this as long as your pet(s) is/are kept under control, doesn't frighten, annoy or harm other people or cause damage to your home and you clear up any mess it makes.

We don't allow pets such as cats or dogs in flats where there is a shared entrance or no private garden.

Contact us on if you would like permission to keep a pet.


Going away

Keep your home safe

If you are suitcasegoing away, even for a short time, make sure that your home cannot be targeted by criminals by taking a few simple precautions:

  • leave a light on when you go out for the evening, or use an automatic timer switch if you are going away for longer periods
  • cancel any regular deliveries such as milk or papers
  • ask a neighbour or friend to keep an eye on your home
  • make sure pets are taken care of while you are away



In cold weather

Frozen tap Make sure you take precautions against burst pipes in cold weather, by leaving your heating on a low setting.  If you are going away for longer periods, drain down your system and switch off your boiler/immersion heater.