We have a Code of Conduct for all our contractors which states the standards that we expect of them whilst working in your homes.  These include:

  • A commitment to equal opportunities for everyone
  • Respect whilst working in your home (e.g. not smoking, eating, consuming alcohol, playing loud music, leaving a mess or causing nuisance)
  • Maintaining client confidentiality
  • Working in a safe and responsible way

Our contractors are required to carry photo ID and to show this to you before they enter your home.  Please do not let anyone into your home without checking this first.  If you are still uncertain please contact us.  Genuine callers will not mind waiting whilst you check this out with us.

Our contractors will not carry out works in homes where only children are present, so please make sure that a responsible adult is always at home when the appointment is due.

We need to ensure a safe working environment for our employees and contractors, so we ask that any  animals are removed from the area and that you (or your guests) don't smoke while the contractors are in the home.