Shareholding membership of the Society is open to anyone with a long-term interest in our work. Only shareholders may become Board Members. Our policy for admitting new shareholders is:

  • An applicant for a share must apply in writing setting out their reasons for applying and their qualifications, and pay £1 (which will be returned if their application is not approved).
  • Every application will be considered by the Board, which has the power to accept or reject the application.
  • All shareholders will be bound by the obligations as set out in the Rules and shall act at all times in the interest of the Society, for the benefit of the community, and as guardians of the objects of the Society.
  • Not more than one third of shareholders may be tenants of the Society, and no shareholder shall hold more than one share.

To apply to be a shareholder contact the Company Secretary by email on

Shareholdings will end if:

  • they are expelled (by special resolution at a Special General Meeting)
  • they withdraw from the Society giving one months notice
  • they do not participate in, or give written apologies in advance to, a general meeting in the period starting with one annual general meeting up to and including the next annual general meeting
  • they die.

Annual General Meeting

The Society holds an Annual General Meeting within 6 months of the close of its financial year (usually in September).  The main functions of the meeting, which shareholders are expected to attend, are:

  • to receive the annual report (including revenue and balance sheet, auditors report, report on the affairs of the Society)
  • to appoint the auditor
  • to elect board members (one third of existing members must retire by rotation each year and can be re-elected)
  • to transact any other general business of the Society, including items that require a special resolution)