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Bedsits for the over 55’s – Normanhurst, Cherry Hinton Road, Cambridge

If you are over 55 and would like to join our waiting list for a self contained bedsit at Normanhurst contact our Customer Service Team on 01223 315036.  Each flat has a bedsitting room, kitchen and bathroom and each bathroom has either a level access shower or shower over the bath.  You can also enjoy the benefits of a communal lounge and on-site laundry.  Contact us for further details.  These properties are also advertised on Home-Link.

Most people need to move home at some point in their life.  You may need somewhere larger because your family is growing or somewhere smaller because your family has grown up and moved to homes of their own, or you may wish to purchase a home.  There may be other reasons why you need to move, and this section tells you about the various options you have.

Renting a home

Buying a home