Joining the Board

From time to time vacancies occur on our Board, the following gives information about the process and how to apply.

What we're looking for

We are looking for potential candidates to have one or more of the following areas of experience and all of the basic requisites. Most importantly we need members who can commit to the requirements of the job description and to the Codes that have been adopted by the Board in relation to conduct and governance.


Experience and basic requisites



Basic requisites

  • financial management & accountancy

  • treasury management

  • asset management / surveying

  • planning / land issues

  • construction industry / property development / building or architect skills

  • social landlord activities

  • housing and welfare policy

  • residents issues and community relations

  • equal opportunities and diversity

  • information and communications technology and systems

  • human resources, training and development

  • Board /committee or legal experience

  • governance in the not for profit sector

  • understanding of local government

  • charitable / voluntary experience, fundraising

  • leadership / change management

  • a passion for social housing

  • time commitment to carry out the role

  • reliability

  • strategic thinking

  • communication skills – questioning, listening, facilitating, participating and influencing

  • team player and awareness of own behaviour and feelings and actions of others, compromises when appropriate

  • customer-focused and commitment to high levels of customer service

  • applies specialist knowledge appropriately

  • seeks, analyses and uses information effectively

  • leadership qualities –  is focused on reaching decisions in board or committee meetings

  • understands and appreciates why equality and diversity is important



Potential candidates should complete the application form, and demonstrate in their application the skills and experience they possess that will benefit the Board.

Shortlisted candidates will be interviewed by the Chief Executive and Chair and referred to the Remuneration and Nomininations Committee.  A recommendation will then be made to the Board.

Assuming the recommendation is approved, the candidate will be invited to attend Board and / or committee meetings, and may take part in discussions but cannot vote.

A report will then be prepared for the next Annual General Meeting (usually every September) to approve full membership.  It is a requirement of our Rules that new members be approved by shareholders at the AGM.


Co-optees to the Board or Committees

Additional people may be co-opted to the Board, committees or working parties to fill specified skills or experience gaps. Co-optees may full participate in the discussions and decision-making, but can only vote at committees and working parties. Only elected members have voting rights at Board meetings.



New members will be supported in various ways, including:

  • familiarisation meetings / observance at Board or committee

  • written background information (Rules, governance policy, terms of reference, Codes of Conduct, meeting timetables etc)

  • training as appropriate

  • meetings with senior staff

  • tours of the offices and housing stock