Communal areas

Letter boxes in a flatOutside drying areaCommunal areas relate to any type of property where there are shared areas. 

Inside a property they could be corridors, stairways, door entrances, communal rooms, lifts etc.

Outside a property they could be shared gardens, pathways, parking areas, bin stores, drying areas etc. 

We ask that you show consideration and respect for others using the facilities.  Never obstruct any of these areas, particularly corridors, entrances  and parking areas,   as they may be used as exit routes in emergency situations, or access routes for emergency services or cause tripping hazards.  Make sure that contained areas such as bin stores are safe by disposing of rubbish in the correct bins, so that you do not cause environmental or fire risks.

If you live in a flat block or other accommodation with shared areas such as corridors and stairs, please do not leave  your buggies or  bikes or any other possessions or rubbish there as this may cause a fire risk.

As your landlord we have a legal responsibility to ensure that such areas are safe and  free  of  hazards and housing staff will regularly check these areas and ask you to move items if they are stored there.

If there was a fire, it might be difficult to see these when getting out of the building, and this may impede or restrict your or your  neighbours  access from the building. 

Help us to keep everyone safe.