Social activities

Current Impact of Covid-19 on Social activities:


Coffee MorningsCup of coffee with a smiley face

Unfortunately due to the continuing risk of COVID-19 we are not able to hold our regular coffee mornings, however if you would like to organise a virtual coffee morning via Zoom, the team at Hundred Houses would be happy to assist in facilitating this for you, please contact either or




Camera Club

Due to COVID-19 both the camera club and arts and crafts group activities are suspended until further notice. We hope to be running a new programme in the future.

We are seeking someone new to take over the running of the Camera Club. For more information please contact us at


Residents' Association days out and other events

Colourful shopping bagsYour Residents' Association occasionally organises days out or other events such as shopping trips, cheese and wine tastings etc.

Useful contact details for these events is .  There is usually a small charge for these activities to cover the cost of coach hire etc.