Social activities

Current Impact of Covid-19 on Social activities:


Coffee Morning

Unfortunately due to the current COVID-19 pandemic we are not able to hold our regular coffee mornings, however if you would like to organise a virtual coffee morning via Zoom, the team at Hundred Houses would be happy to assist in facilitating this for you, please contact either or


Camera Club

Due to Covid-19 both the camera club and arts and crafts group activities are suspended until further notice. We hope to be running a new programme sometime in 2021. We are seeking someone new to take over the running of the Camera Club. For more information please contact us at



Here are some recent and some ongoing projects that have been undertaken, and all Hundred Houses' residents and their families are most welcome to take part in them:

Coffee mornings
Cup of coffee with a smiley face

These take place on the first Monday of every month (or the following Monday if its a Bank Holiday), at the Society's offices at Scotland Road from 10.00am to 11.30am.

Often guest speakers are invited to talk about topical subjects.  It is also a chance to get to meet other residents, make new friends and find out what your Residents Association has been up to.  Everyone is welcome. Contact  for further details.





Camera club

The Residents Association has set this club up and it is very popular.  They meet on the second Wednesday of each month from 7pm to 8.30pm (look out for the dates on our home page under 'news and events') and often have professional photographers on hand to help budding members. 

As well as meeting at the Society's offices to discuss various aspects and techniques of photography, the group also goes out regularly in the local area with cameras in tow.

If you are interested in joing this group contact



Art & craft classes

These sessions take place on the first Saturday of each month from 10.30am to 3.30pm and take place in the community room at the Society's offices in Scotland Road. 

For example bring your treasured memories including photos, postcards, letters, menus, tickets and other stickable items and be creative in arranging them in your scrapbook, or other artwork that you are working on.  Also a great chance to meet other residents of the Society.  Contact or call 07709 202481 for further information.



Resident Association days out and other events

Colourful shopping bagsYour Residents Association frequently advertises days out or other events such as shopping trips, cheese and wine tastings etc.

Useful contact details for these events is .  There is usually a small charge for these activities to cover the cost of coach hire etc.