Customer feedback

We would like to know what you think. 

We aim to get it right the first time, every time.  Sometimes things go wrong and if we've not served you well, we're sorry. Your problems are our problems, so we need you to let us know if we haven't got something right.  

Please contact us via Facebook message, email, telephone, come into the office or use our online form.

Who can complain?

Anyone who requests or receives a service from us, or who is affected by what we do.

You may ask someone to act on your behalf, for example a family member, friend, councillor or lawyer, but we will need your written permission before we can discuss any details with them.

What can I complain about?

If you are unhappy with any of the work we do or the services we provide, let us know.  This includes our contractors and anyone else working on our behalf.

How can I make a complaint?

If you can, first talk to an employee who will try to sort out your complaint on the spot.

Otherwise you can write to us, email us, message us on Facebook or Twitter, or use this website to make your complaint.  You can also call us and the employee you speak to will record the details and if necessary arrange a home visit.

As well as providing your contact details, include as much information about what happened, where and when it occurred and who was involved.  Let us also know what you think we should do to resolve the problem.

If we are unable to resolve your problem on the spot, we will follow the procedure in our complaints policy (link below).

Summary of Complaints Procedure
Stage 1 Timescale
HHS will acknowledge receipt and record the complaint as at Stage 1 1 working day from receipt of complaint
If necessary, HHS will contact the Complainant to gather further information. Maximum of 3 working days

Details of the complaint are investigated by the Complaints Officer, who may liaise with employees, contractors, service providers and other residents or stakeholders. The Complaints Officer will provide a full response to the Complainant in writing.

If the complaint is going to take longer than 10 working days to resolve, the reason for this will be explained to the complainant and agreement reached on the frequency and method of future progress updates.

10 working days




Stage 2  

If a complainant is not satisfied with the response at the conclusion of Stage 1 or feels their complaint has not been properly understood or answered, they can escalate their complaint for review. This is referred to as a ‘Stage 2’ complaint.

HHS will offer the complainant a choice, with either the Stage 2 review being undertaken by a Senior Manager or Director (a senior reviewer), or by a panel made up of a Director and a member of the Operations Committee or Board, along with the option of including a formally involved resident representative who is either a member of the Operations Committee or the Scrutiny Panel

A Stage 2 complaint must be received within 20 working days from the date of the Stage 1 response



The Senior Manager/Director review, or the panel review (whichever the complainant has chosen) will take place within 30 working days of the escalation to Stage 2. 30 working days
After the review or panel has been held, the Complainant will be advised of the outcome. 5 working days
The complainant will then have time to consider the outcome and take the opportunity, if they wish, to raise any remaining points for consideration, before the final decision is made 5 working days

Once a complainant has exhausted the HHS complaint process, they can externally appeal to a ‘designated person’ such as their MP, local councillor, or a recognised tenant panel. Contact us so we can give you details of who to contact.

If the ‘designated person’ feels they cannot help, they can refer the complaint to the Housing Ombudsman. The complainant can also decide to refer their complaint directly to the Housing Ombudsman Service if they wish.

Check timescales directly with the person dealing with this.

A complaint can be referred to the Housing Ombudsman Service no earlier than eight weeks after receiving HHS’ final complaint response.




All complaints shall be dealt with in the strictest confidence, and there will be no adverse consequences for complainants, such as taking a service away.


We only pay compensation in exceptional circumstances, where the complaint is upheld, and relates to specific expenses or items.

Complaints Policy 

If you would like to read our Complaints Policy in full click here Complaints Policy (October 2021)

Housing Ombudsman Complaint Handling Code

The Housing Ombudsman introduced a Complaint Handling Code in July 2020,  setting out good practice that would allow landlords to respond to complaints effectively and fairly. The Code acts as a guide for residents, for what they can and should expect from their landlord when they complain. The requirements in the Code also provide residents with information about how to make a complaint and how to progress it through the landlord's internal complaints procedure.The Code was updated in 2022 and you can read a copy here: 

Housing Ombudsman Complaint Handling Code March 2022

A shorter, summary document is also provided:

Housing Ombudsman Complaint Handling Code Summary

Landlords must carry out an annual assessment against the Code to ensure their complaint handling remains in line with its requirements and publish the results.  HHS carried out a self-assessment against the code in September 2023. The reults can be viewed here:

Complaint Handling Code - HHS Self-Assessment Sept 2023