Inclusion and diversity

Hundred Houses is committed to providing and promoting equality for all people within all its business activities and aims to eliminate all forms of discrimination.  We recognise the rich diversity of the people that we work with, and we aim to treat all with dignity and respect.  

We are working to create a positive environment so that no individual or group will be discriminated against through the services we provide. 

We are seeking to build a workforce that makes full use of the talents, skills, experience and different cultural perspectives, where people feel they are respected and valued, and can achieve their full potential. 

We will: 

  • Promote equality of opportunity and good relations between all sectors of the communities we work in
  • Not tolerate discrimination or harassment
  • Take firm action against perpetrators
  • Monitor and evaluate all aspects of service delivery and employment and seek to eliminate differences demonstrated by unfair outcomes
  • Work in partnership with stakeholders and communities to ensure effective consultation to support equality objectives 

What do we mean by Equality and Diversity? 

Equality means that treating everyone in the same way, is not the same as treating people fairly.  Sometimes it is appropriate to offer additional or different services to be fair.  This applies to customers, employees, Board members, our contractors and our partners in the community. 

Diversity means acknowledging and respecting differences between different people and being respectful and fair when we work with and support others. 

Inclusion means creating a place where we value others and are valued ourselves. 

Are Hundred Houses' offices accessible? 

We ensure that we meet the requirements of the Equality Act 2010, so that all customers are able to use the parts of our office that are open to the public. 

How can you help me in my home?

We provide an adaptions service if you need additions or changes made to your home to meet your needs.  In the past, we have built ramps, added handrails, fitted easy-turn taps, and converted a traditional bathroom into a wetroom. 

Often your local council will be responsible for paying for adaptions via a government grant.  We will help you apply for this grant and offer advice, or refer you to specialist help.