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Top ten tips for a debt free Christmas

  1. Plan Early - be realistic and budget accordingly.  Work out how much you are going to spend and stick to it.

  2. Pay every day bills - such as your rent, mortgage and utility bills.  The consequences may be severe if you don't.

  3. Don't bank on an overdraft - if you need more money talk to your bank as it may be more expensive if you don't.

  4. Keep things simple - pay by cash or cheque if you can, and don't be persuaded to take out extended credit arrangements unless they really are cheaper.

  5. Shop around - to get the best price, but be wary of extended warranties as the cost of a repair may be less.

  6. Buy safe be safe - don't buy from unauthorised dealers or borrow from unathorised lenders.

  7. Read the small print before signing - and check for hidden extras, and ensure the repayments are affordable to you.

  8. Do your own credit checks - by shopping around and comparing terms.

  9. Be organised - make sure you pay bills on time, even if its the minimum.

  10. Start planning and saving for next Christmas - review what you did well and what didn't work out so well.