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Repairs in your home - responsibilities explained

As your landlord, HHS are responsible for the repairs within the homes which we rent to our customers.

Our responsibilities are outlined in your tenancy agreement and in depth in our repairs and maintenance policy, but you should make us aware of any repairs in relation to the heating system, plumbing (including sinks, baths, toilets), drainage, electrical faults, extractor fans, chimneys, internal and external walls, stairs and bannisters, doors, windows and your roof, so that we can address the issues.

Your safety in your home is paramount to us, so we also want to know of any hazards that may exist in your property that requires attention. Mould growth is a key area of focus, however hazards come in many forms such as repairs that could cause slips or falls.  

You are responsible for looking after your home, keeping gardens neat and tidy, making sure your home is well ventilated to help avoid condensation and small jobs likes changing light bulbs.

If you are in any doubt as to whether a repair is your responsibility, or if you believe you have a hazard present in your home which you want to make us aware of, then please do not hesitate to get in touch!

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