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Fire Safety Statement

Like many others across the country, I am sure you will have been impacted by the news of the horrific Grenfell Tower fire in London and I wanted to write to all our customers to offer reassurance about what we are doing and to reiterate some fire safety advice.

Whilst we will not know for some time the full facts of the Grenfell Tower fire and why it was not contained, I can confirm that we are working closely with the government to act on any advice or new information as it is made available.

Whilst at this time we do not have any specific cause for concern at your home, we take all issues of safety very seriously. Therefore, as a priority we are checking again that customers are safe in their homes and this includes us visiting blocks of flats and any complex accommodation to reassess fire safety measures.

Please remind yourselves of what you can do to prevent a fire and also what to do should a fire occur. I would encourage you to visit clicking on the ‘home safety’ tab at the top.

It is important to check your escape route regularly to make sure it is kept clear and free from obstruction. Please let all your household members know what to do in the event of a fire.  Please also ensure that any fire doors are kept closed and not propped open and that any communal areas are kept clear.

We are prioritising any customer queries we receive regarding fire safety, so if you are concerned at all then please contact us. 

You may want to connect with us on Twitter or Facebook where we regularly post advice from the Cambridgeshire Fire Service about fire safety in the home, as well as other information that is of interest to our customers.

Tracey Spencer

Executive Operations Director