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Christmas home safety tips

Here are some tips to keep all our customers healthy and safe this holiday season.

On the first day of Christmas…Check that any Christmas lights meet the British fire safety standards and work properly. Check for damaged wires or plugs and make sure any outdoor lights are fit for purpose.

On the second day of Christmas...Always switch off and unplug Christmas lights before you go to bed or go out.

On the third day of Christmas...Be careful with candles. Keep them away from Christmas trees and furnishings and never leave them burning unattended. Keep candles and matches away from children.

On the fourth day of Christmas...Make sure your family and any visitors know what to do if a fire starts and tell them where you keep door and window keys so they can escape in case of an emergency.

On the fifth day of Christmas...Decorations can burn easily so don't attach them to lights or heaters.

On the sixth day of Christmas...Take care if you have a festive drink, as accidents are more likely to happen, especially in the kitchen, if you’re drinking alcohol.

On the seventh day of Christmas...Many fires start in the kitchen so never leave cooking unattended. Make sure you supervise any children who are helping in the kitchen.

On the eighth day of Christmas...If you're planning to celebrate with fireworks make sure you follow the firework code and do be mindful of your neighbours.

On the ninth day of Christmas...Make sure cigarettes are put out completely and never smoke in bed - many fires start when people fall asleep while smoking.

On the tenth day of Christmas...If you are going away over Christmas, set a light to come on, or ask a friend to pop round to make it look like people are home. Do leave your heat on low, so the pipes don’t freeze if the weather is cold.

On the eleventh day of Christmas...Keep gifts and new electronic equipment out of sight, and make sure that you can’t see them from windows, especially those at street level.

On the twelfth day of Christmas...Check on older relatives and neighbours to make sure they know these home fire safety tips and to keep them safe over the holidays.