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Hundred Houses Group

Hundred Houses Group is made up of Hundred Houses Society Ltd and Stevenson’s Legacy Company Ltd.


Hundred Houses Society

Hundred Houses Society is a not for profit housing association founded in 1933.  Hundred Houses Society obtained charitable status in 1942 and is now registered with the Financial Conduct Authority as a Cooperative and Community Benefits Society.  As a registered housing provider, Hundred Houses Society is regulated by the Regulator for Social Housing.


Hundred Houses Society completed our first development of 100 homes in the Eastfield area of Cambridge in 1935.  Since then, we have expanded and innovated, and we currently own and manage over 1,500 homes in Cambridge and Greater Cambridge.  We have ambitious plans to grow by developing new, truly affordable homes.


Our mission is “To Provide Great Homes and Services that People Value”.  Hundred Houses Society exists to provide great value, low cost homes for the people of Greater Cambridge and constantly strives to deliver better customer service.  As well as focusing on delivering more new build homes, we are continually investing and modernising our customer’s homes.


Stevenson’s Legacy Company

Stevenson’s Legacy Company Ltd was incorporated in 2014 as a wholly owned subsidiary of Hundred Houses Society Ltd.  It is directly accountable to Hundred House Society Board, who appoint its Directors.  The subsidiary company is responsible for open market sales.