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You are invited to meet our regulator

You are invited to meet our regulator

When: 11am on Thursday 15th July 2021

Where: online – click on this link to sign up to the webinar

The Regulator of Social Housing (RSH) is the independent regulator for social housing landlords like HHS. Last year, the government published its Social Housing White Paper. In this, it asked the RSH to change the way it carries out consumer regulation in social housing and to create a new consumer function. The RSH want to hear from social housing tenants over the next few years on a range of topics relating to this to better understand what matters to you. This will help the RSH make the right decisions about how the new consumer function should work in practice. This is the first set of webinars in a multi-year programme of tenant engagement and a new approach for the RSH.

During this first webinar, you’ll hear about how regulation in the social housing sector works at the moment and the changes the White Paper is introducing, and about the opportunities coming up to engage further with the RSH. The aim of the session to provide a clear picture of how regulation works and to give you the knowledge you need to join in the conversations about regulatory change.

If you are unable to make this time, you can sign up to the webinar and you will be sent a recording after the event.

If you need any assistance in signing up for this event please contact our Customer Services Team who will be happy to help. Email or call 01223 315036.