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Hundred Houses Celebrates National Customer Service Week

It was National Customer Service Week last week and to celebrate we held various events throughout the week:  

  • a telephone customer satisfaction survey on our repairs service
  • a complaints masterclass for employees
  • Job swaps; with Tracey Spencer, Executive Operations Director swapping with Jamie Hall, a member of the Property Services team and our CEO Matt Thomas going back to the floor and covering front of house.

During the week colleagues were invited to nominate colleagues for fun awards such as ‘Star of the Month’ or ‘Team Player’ for the People’s Choice Awards.

Picture of Hundred Houses offices at 51 Scotland Road

James (pictured above) was voted Star Player, Team Member of the Week and Team Player, with lots of lovely comments like “James goes above and beyond”, “James is amazing; customers like him and pay him regular compliments” and “Willing to go the extra yard”.

Jamie Hall (Property Services Administrator) won 2nd place as All Round Good Egg and Proactive Problem Solver. “Jamie is always accommodating; he has provided an excellent empty homes service to the Customer Service Team”

As part of his job swap, Jamie (pictured below) took the lead on presenting a paper at Scrutiny Panel.

In joint 3rd place were Ione Morton (Customer Services Officer) and Jackie Trower (Customer Services Team Manager). 

Ione won as the Most Cheerful Colleague and the Grafter Award as “the person who always focuses on problem solving and works tirelessly to resolve issues”

Jackie Trower and Jamie Hall holding their prizes - a bottle of prosecco and a cafetiere.


Jackie (pictured right) won the Lovely Leader award“Always positive, always cheerful, always helpful and always happy” and Bit of a legend for “Being such a smiley lovely person”

Jackie also takes credit for arranging the week and giving us a chance to learn in a fun way.

A Special Award was announced for Nicola Lane, Resources Co-ordinator, for providing great customer service to the Board by setting up the new conference call facility and for tirelessly working to resolve recent computer issues.

Congratulations to all the winners.  Last week highlighted what a wonderful team we have and that everyone was working hard to deliver excellent customer service.

Matt Thomas, CEO and Tracey Spencer, Executive Operations Director, of Hundred Houses, with Daniel Zeichner MP, standing outside Hundred Houses offices.


Finally, to cap off an exciting week we were delighted to welcome Daniel Zeichner MP to Hundred Houses on Friday.  

Which was a great way to end National Customer Services Week. 

Daniel met some of the team and visited our great new development at Eastfields.

Pictured left to right are Matt Thomas, CEO; Tracey Spencer, Executive Operations Director; Daniel Zeichner MP