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Hundred Houses Board Member on InsideOut LeaderBoard - March 2020

Photograph of HHS Board Member, Doug Livingstone Hundred Houses Society are incredibly proud that our Board Member and Non-Executive Director, Doug Livingstone, is featured on the InsideOut LeaderBoard.

The 2020 list, launched by social enterprise InsideOut on 19th March 2020, works to smash the stigma of mental health in the workplace. It uses the list to recognise and celebrate senior leaders across all sectors who are open about their own experiences, and who champion mental ill-health issues in the workplace.

InsideOut was founded by Rob Stephenson in 2017 following the Stephenson-Farmer report which identified that, every year, over 300,000 people lose their jobs due to mental ill-health, costing the UK economy £99bn.

Launching the 2020 list, Rob Stephenson, who lives with bipolar disorder himself, said: “The InsideOut LeaderBoard aims to show that a significant number of people who’ve experienced their own struggles with mental health exist at all levels within our workplaces. The most effective way to reduce the stigma is to be open and honest, and to encourage a more open environment around these issues. I am delighted to see the list grow from 42 role models in 2019 to 68 with lived experience this year from a standing start.”

Learning of his place on the list, Doug Livingstone responded: “You spend a lot of time at work, which is why it’s so important that your workplace contributes positively towards your mental health. I think we’re all talking about how we feel much more openly, which is great progress in the right direction, but it can be more difficult at work than with your family and friends.

I’ve been really impressed with the varied initiatives that Hundred Houses has in place to support employees with their health and wellbeing. They are encouraged to understand and talk about mental health issues.

My main message is you are never alone – support is out there. Although it feels like the hardest thing to do, sharing your struggles can be the first step to feeling better.”

Matt Thomas, Chief Executive of Hundred Houses, added: “We are incredibly proud of Doug and the recognition from the InsideOut Leaderboard. Doug has been open about his mental health at Board meetings and actively supports initiatives we undertake at Hundred Houses focused on mental health and wellbeing.

As Doug has said, we feel it is important to create an environment where employees are supported and where they feel they can talk about their experiences. We are very grateful to Doug for providing Board level leadership in this very important area.

Over the last year, Hundred Houses have undertaken training so that the whole team understand more about mental health. We have also supported a wide range of wellbeing initiatives which not only help to provide the right environment for employees, but also supports our work with customers. As another example of how we are helping to smash the stigma, Hundred Houses is supporting Cambridgeshire MIND as our charity of the year for 2020”.

To find out more about please visit InsideOut / Twitter #SmashingTheStigma