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Energy Saving Week 6th- 10th February

Energy Saving Week 6th-10th February

In cold weather it can be expensive to keep your home warm and lit. Whatever the time of year gas and electric costs can be hard to manage.

This year we are having Energy Saving Week from the 6th to the 10th February to help our customers reduce their energy use and the amount they need to pay.

You can:

Lightbulb with plant in it. Visit our offices to find out more about how to save money by saving energy

Lightbulb with plant in it. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter to get helpful hints and tips.

Lightbulb with plant in it. Interact with our dolls house which will be back in reception – this time to give you ideas of how to save money and energy in the different parts of your home

Lightbulb with plant in it. Visit here to learn about how you could save our your energy bills

Lightbulb with plant in it. Visit Smart Energy GB to learn about how to get a free smart meter installed in your home.

Lightbulb with plant in it. Contact us on Facebook or Twitter to share your ideas of how our customers can save money and energy.

We are promoting two schemes which share our energy and cost saving aims.

Cambridge Energy Switch – your local section of an independent collective energy switching scheme The Big Community Switch which you can join to receive a competitive offer from an energy supplier.

  1. You sign up online – the deadline is 13th February
  2. An auction takes place on 14th February and the energy supplier who bids with the cheapest offer is selected.
  3. You receive an offer by email from the supplier from 24th February.
  4. You have until 28th March to consider the offer and respond.
  5. If you decide to accept the offer this is then taken care of for you.

Please visit Big Switch to find out more.

Smart Energy GB – a nationwide scheme partnered with the National Housing Federation to educate people about the benefits of having a smart meter in their home.

  • Smart meters provide a live measure of how much energy you are using in your home and how much this is costing you.
  • You can have a smart meter whether you have a pre-pay or standard meters at home.
  • Smart meters are free and on average can help you save money.
  • Readings from the smart meter are sent directly to your supplier so you will only pay for what you use as you will only receive accurate and not estimate bills.
  • Smart meters use their own wireless system to communicate with your energy supplier so you do not need to connect them or use Wi-Fi.

You can contact your energy supplier to find out when they can supply you with your own free smart meter for your home.

Please visit to find out more.