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Craft Club- Brag Book Workshop

craft materials with scissors and glue  Saturday 4th February 2017  10:30-3:00pm

What is a Brag Book? A photo album you can crate from recycled materials to show off your pictures of your children (or holidays, pets or anniversarys) in a unique and personal way to showcase your pictures.  A brag book is usually small so it is easy to carry around with you. 

We will provide all the appropriate materials.  All you need to bring is copies of of your photos (we suggest 5), a pair of scissors, ruler, pencil and an apron.  You may also want to bring embellishments like glitter or buttons. 

If you would like to experience a relaxing morning wan make your memories come alive, join us on Saturday 4th February.  

Cost: £5

Venue: 51 Scotland Road, Chesterton. 

For more information please go to our website.   To book please email here.