Board Members

The Board comprises of non-executive members who are responsible for directing the affairs of the Society.  In accordance with our Rules, they act in the interests of the Society and for the benefit of the community.

Board members are selected from a wide background bringing together professional, commercial, financial and local experience. There are currently ten Board members.  

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Patrick Elwood

Patrick Elwood
Patrick Elwood  

Patrick was Chair of Housing Partnership (London) Ltd (HPLL) between 2011 and 2020. Prior to that he was a board member of HPLL. Patrick is a chartered surveyor and property and estate management specialist.  He also holds a business studies degree.

Patrick was appointed by the HHS Board as a co-optee to the Board and Audit and Risk Committee, in April 2020 following the transfer from Housing Partnership (London) Ltd. As well as assisting with the smooth transfer from HPLL to HHS, Patrick brings experience in estate and property management, asset management, financial management, human resources, change management and business process improvement.

Date appointed:

14th September 2020


Committee Membership:

Audit and Risk Committee

Recruitment Working Group