Board Members

The Board comprises of non-executive members who are responsible for directing the affairs of the Society.  In accordance with our Rules, they act in the interests of the Society and for the benefit of the community.

Board members are selected from a wide background bringing together professional, commercial, financial and local experience. There are currently ten Board members.  

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Alan Lewin


Alan Lewin Photo

Alan Lewin

Alan is a highly experienced housing professional and non executive.

Prior to being appointed as Chief Executive of Axiom Housing, he held a number of senior positions in Local Authorities, Circle Anglia and Sanctuary Group. Alan oversaw the expansion and development of Axiom Housing Group and the successful merger of Axiom with Longhurst Group in 2017. Since then, Alan has Chaired the NHF Housing Associations Strategic Group for Cambridgeshire and Peterborough as well Iceni Homes.

In addition to his role at Hundred Houses, Alan is a Non Executive Director of Greenacre Group Housing Consultants and The Independent member of Essex Homes Board.

He is a regular contributor to NHF events and is also a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Housing and the RSA.

Date appointed: September 2017

Committee membership:

Remuneration and Nominations (Chair)

Audit and Risk 

Recruitment Working Group

Development Working Group